Our Upcoming workshop at CHI'23 | April 23rd 2023

fostering global solidarity

We are now accepting proposals for our workshop will be held at April 23rd, 2023.

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HCI Across Borders (HCIxB) is a community

developed over five years through collaborative and interdisciplinary effort, focusing on connecting research and researchers on the margins across different parts of the world. It started as the consortium at CHI 2016, followed by workshops at CHI (2017-21). Through mentorship programs, we have also built bridges across diverse communities engaging in HCI research and impact-driven projects for development. Today, it has evolved into a shared initiative to foster cohesive community across geographies, backgrounds, methodologies, and other boundaries. Till date, we have conducted –


7 Workshops


9 panels


3 summer schools


5 consortiums

One global community, multiple events

Over the years, we have organized multiple events to foster collaboration and a sense of community among participants across multiple countries

Interdisciplinary Panels

Our panels are committed to supporting diverse and equitable HCI practices and perspectives across every border


Our tutorials provide hands-on experience to multidisciplinary areas in HCI. We cover HCI methods and processes across borders and bridges the knowledge gap and challenges.


We are a strong community who regularly meet and share opportunities to work with the HCIxB team . We constantly expand our network across the borders while welcoming visitors interested in our objectives.


Our workshops execute under multiple themes every year in facilitating supporting and bringing underrepresented communities together and empowering with knowledge and the right network to thrive in challenges faced in HCI.