HCIxB @CHI 2023

HCI Across Borders (HCIxB) is a global community developed through six years (and running) of concerted efforts, focusing on connecting research and researchers across diverse cultures and geographies. It started as the Development Consortium at CHI 2016, followed by workshops at CHI 2017 through 2022. Today, it has evolved into a collaborative initiative with a shared mission to foster community across geographies, backgrounds, methodologies, and other boundaries.

The HCIxB workshop at CHI 2023 will be a unique venue to showcase HCI-related work and initiatives from communities across geographies to a global audience. This workshop will focus on “fostering global solidarity” at CHI. We would like to reflect as a community towards global issues and critically examine the design of technology for the same. Thus we invite participants to share how global issues have shaped their research, practice, or education. We hope to start a discussion to express solidarity as a community in these challenging times. We welcome broad participation. At least one author from an accepted submission must register for the workshop

Those interested in participating are asked to submit a position paper (300-500 words, single column, PDF format preferred) and a single-page CV on hcixb2023.hotcrp.com. We are also open to more variable submission formats, and welcome videos, blog posts, abstracts, or pictorials that express diverse perspectives on this year’s theme.

Below are some questions applicants may wish to consider answering in their submissions:
• Who are you? Please include your department, year of study, organization, etc.
• In what context are you working? What are the social, political, or cultural conditions you contend with in
your work?
• What problems do you care to address? What solutions, if any, are you hoping to deliver?
• What does solidarity mean for you?
• How have the years of the pandemic affected your research, education, and/or practice?
• How do you think attending HCIxB 2023 will be beneficial to your work and the communities you (hope to) connect with?

Important Dates
• March 1: All submissions due
• March 1: Participant notifications sent
• April 14: Posters due
• April 23: HCIxB workshop

Sponsored by SIGCHI development fund