Q. “hey neha, i could not find the registration for the hcixb workshop when i registered for chi — is it separately listed?”
A. “HCIxB is a symposium this year. It is not listed with the workshops.”

Q. “We have a symposium paper accepted. Do we get back them document with reviewers comments to enable us improve the quality of the paper?”
A. “Yes, as soon as we have the reviews. Since the reviewers have had a tight cycle within which to churn out reviews, we might need to be a little patient.”

Q. “What is the code for the symposium?”
A. “accessS01 — if you do not have a paper in our symposium, please check with us before you register. Just in case we run out of room before we run out of interested participants.”

Q: “How do I register for the symposium if I already registered for the conference?”
A: “Go to https://www.regonline.com/C HI2017
Click “View or Change Your Existing Registration”.
Enter email and password and click to edit Agenda.
Check the symposium registration check box to view all symposia.
Check S01 and enter accessS01 in the code box provided.
Continue to the check out page where you will only be charged for your symposia fees.”

Q. “Can you send me a link to the funding request?”
A. “It is linked from our Facebook page.”
Q. “What Facebook page?”
A. “Please go to Facebook and look for HCI Across Borders. Once you find it, try to join it. I will approve your membership. Once you are approved, please look at the last 5-10 messages posted on there.”

Q: “Can I apply for funding before I submit my paper?”
A: “Yes.”

Q: “When will I be notified of funding decisions?”
A: “We will have our first round of funding decisions done by April 2nd. Please check the FB group for updates.”

Q: For housing, “I will need support for arranging the initial payment since I do not have a US credit card. I can pay by cash later on.”
A: “We are working on a solution for situations like this. Email n.karusala@gmail.com and we will work with you.”

Q: “What currency is housing in?”
A: “AirBnb and hotels will generally be paid for in USD.”