HCIXB Workshop for CHI 2021

Decolonizing HCI Across Borders

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About the workshop theme “Decolonizing”

The HCI Across Borders (HCIxB) community has been growing in recent years, starting with the Development Consortium at CHI 2016 and the HCIxB Symposia at CHI 2017, 2018, and 2019. This year, we propose an HCIxB workshop that continues to foster the scholarship potential of early-career HCIxB researchers across the world, particularly those from and in the Global South, engaging on the topic of decoloniality. 

This year, we aim to create the space for discussions that have been emerging in pockets of the HCI community but could benefit from greater attention in the interest of demarginalizing members and research areas of the community that have thus far been on the margins of HCI. We expect this virtual workshop at CHI 2021 to be the inaugural session for a series of virtual events to continue this conversation on decolonizing HCI’s borders into individual subgroups

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Call for Papers

Communities across geographies to global audiences. We focus 2021 on “Decolonising HCI Across Borders”. “Borders” may entail national/geographical boundaries, research interests, disciplines, methodologies, and more. We invite participants engaged in discussions and amplifying voices on their perspectives on “Decolonizing” and critical thoughts on how to promote conversations and connections that could build mutual understanding where diverse voices and experiences are communicated and heard across any border.

Prospective participants are requested to submit a 2-4 page position paper and a short CV. The position paper should clearly outline the critical questions, contributions, and impact according to the workshop theme and reason for interest, describing the underlying research. At least one author from an accepted paper must register for the workshop to participate. Workshop registration information will be informed in due. 

Submission Options

(A) Presenter: 2-4 pages (single column PDF) position paper which will be peer-reviewed and entitled to be a presenter and get your position paper published in HCIxB web and other publication media.

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Submit via –  hcixb2021.hotcrp.com

(B) Attendee: a 300 word abstract with your intention to participate provides an opportunity to engage in discussion, learn from experiences, and describes their perspectives.

Submit via – <Google Form> 

Important Dates

  • February 12: First round submissions due
  • March 1: Participant notifications sent
  • March 31: Presenter’s Camera-ready versions due
  • April 2nd: Second Round submissions due 
  • April 15th: Participant notification sent 
  • April 20th: Presenter’s camera-ready version due
  • May 8th: Workshop at CHI 2021

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